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payn RapidWeaver® theme

All NEW! The payn theme for RapidWeaver

payn brings your content front and center, with a unique combination of features to help engage your site visitor from the start. Best in class reliability and all the extras you've come to expect from a seyDesign more.

Sytten 2 RapidWeaver® theme

All NEW! Fully Responsive Sytten 2

Sytten is an open-feeling theme that leverages full widths and big vertical spaces to allow your ideas and creativity to flow freely. With practically no limitations set for logo size, a bold title and a vast space for beautiful vistas, Sytten presents your visitors with an above-the-fold experience like no other... read more.

tre3rty 2 RapidWeaver® theme

All NEW! Fully Responsive tre3rty 2

The all new, fully responsive tre3rty 2 with a built-in Device Simulator, responsive navigation, completely overhauled options, a comprehensive, 32 page manual and so much more. Like the clean lines of a fine automobile, tre3rty 2 promises to thrill you with every curve... read more.

FileSafe Stack for RapidWeaver

New! FileSafe Stack For RapidWeaver

FileSafe is a file download management tool for Rapidweaver. Using the flexibility of Stacks and the power of FileSafe you can create file sharing pages and links that hide the location of your download files, force download (rather than opening in the browser) and can be tracked. Learn more.

Aptenon RapidWeaver® theme

NEW! Aptenon — Fully Responsive

Aptenon, a fully responsive RapidWeaver theme, is designed to be simple, clean and out of the way. It offers flat, wide open design elements giving your content room to breath and room to be free. All of Apptenon's features have been carefully considered... read more.

SuperBox Stack for RapidWeaver


SuperBox takes the idea of a modal lightbox gallery and turns it on it's head. Learn more.

Masonry Stack for RapidWeaver


Masonry, inspired by Pinterest, is a dynamic grid image gallery... Learn more.

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RapidWeaver® addons

ExtraContent, SS3 and Social Links

Want to learn all about ExtraContent, SS3 and Social Links? seyFoss is your source for tutorials, videos and more! Learn how to use ExtraContent in Stack and snippet form. See videos using SlideBox, SlideLinks, SlideNum and SlideWH. And see how easy it is to use Social Links. Learn more.

We Make RapidWeaver® Add-Ons

seyDesign was launched in mid-November of 2005 and has long since been considered an innovator in RapidWeaver® theme and stack development. With expertly created graphics and the latest technologies, we bring what's best to our customers.

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